I’ve been putting off writing this, because it’s the first, and it feels like I should start off with something appropriately light and interesting. But if I wait for that, who knows when it will happen? The truth is I’ve been wrestling myself for just about every word lately. I can barely even send emails. I can plan, go over everything in my head a hundred times, but the actual writing is slow. This isn’t unusual, nor is it forever, but it’s what I have at the moment. A lot to say, and few words.

I’m in the middle of two revisions. I’d say they’re going well; I know what I want to do and approximately how to do it. I’m confident that the book and the script will be better for it, once I’m done. It’s the glacial pace of doing it that’s starting to get a little worrisome. But these things do happen. Sometimes, it’s even for the best. Maybe next week I will wake up and realize there’s some very important change that I need to work into my plans, and I’ll save myself some time in the long run. Or maybe I won’t wake up with my revelation until a few months from now, when the revisions are all tidy and “done,” and I’ll have to pull them apart again. There’s no end to this kind of thing. There are only new projects, new ideas, new things to go back and fix. I hope there’ll be some exciting ones coming down the pike; I’ll be back to share when the words start flowing again.