Mist and the Wild Hunt

An MG historical fantasy inspired by the real-life Cottingley Fairy controversy. Mist would do just about anything if it meant they didn’t have to grow up, and earning their place in the Wild Hunt is their best chance. But when the Hunt is sent after their new friend, they’ll have to choose: let her face the Fairy Queen’s wrath, or risk everything to save her. Nonbinary rep.

Answer Them Only With Spring

Simon VS meets Lore Olympus. Raised far from the rest of the gods, Seph doesn’t know how to use his powers. He’s never needed them. Until his ex-girlfriend sets out to ruin his life. When she catches him cross dressing and tries to blackmail him, Hades steps in. Unfortunately, he has an interesting definition of “help.” Maybe Seph’s mom is right: the gods are nothing but trouble. Nonbinary, asexual, queer rep.


Ghost in the Cogs

Edited by Scott Gable

“In this hissing and clanking steampunk anthology, there are moments that science just can’t explain. All the mechanical geniuses scratch their heads and whisper words of ghosts and powers, of spirits and demons… This is a mechanized playground for the souls of the dead.”

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Werewolves Versus: Nature

Edited by Angela Quinton

“When the full moon escapes the mountainous horizon and floods the wilderness below, what will it illuminate with its bone-pale light? A car trapped in the mud as a lonely predator approaches. A painter struggling to complete his masterpiece before rougher hands take over… And so much more.”

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MCB Quarterly V. 07

“The Quarterly is an eMagazine of LGBTQ fiction—of all kinds. This volume features four short stories:

Never Smile at a Crocodile by Parker Goodreau
Pilgrimage by Judy Leigh
Village Diner by Richard Natale
The Distance Between the Stars by Dominick Domingo”

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